Player Profiles


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position: Centre back. Height: 6′ 0″. Weight: 190 lbs. Age: 28. Number: 13.

Jovan Rochford will return as captain of the Big Cannons for the sixth season. Jovan is twenty-eight, joining what was then Santa Rosa Soccer School on 14 March 1998 at the age of twelve. He has represented the club in every youth age group, and in senior football. In 2005, the club secured a scholarship for Jovan to complete his high school education at Cheshire Academy (Connecticut) for Jovan to complete his high school education, and he went on to Newberry College (South Carolina) in 2007. He is father of two kids – six-year old son, Mikayel, and a one-year old daughter, Jayelle. Jovan weighs in at one hundred and ninety pounds and measures up at five foot eleven inches. He is the leader of the team and plays centre back. Jovan is a Rosa to the core.


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position: Winger or forward. Height: 5′ 10″. Weight: 170 pounds. Age: 25. Number: 9.

Desmond Baptiste returns to the Big Cannons for his first full season in Santa Rosa colours. He joined the club in mid-season after Joe Public FC folded and withdrew from the Super League. Desmond is a strong, fast and tricky wide player who is also capable of playing as a forward. Last season he got six in all competitions (three for Public and three for Rosa). Cristiano Ronaldo is his role model and Desmond has set a higher goal t…ally for himself this season.


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position: Midfield. Height: 5’8″. Weight: 155 lbs. Age: 27. Number: 6.

Kashif Clarke joined FC Santa Rosa from Joe Public FC during the 2014/2015 season. He played his youth football at St. Mary’s College (and was captain in the 2005/2006 season). He also represented the University of the West Indies between 2006 and 2011 (winning the Tertiary League Cup four times and the inter-campus UWI Games twice, finishing as tournament MVP on one occasion). He joined Joe Public FC in 2010. Kashif immediately stepped into …a starting role after his mid-season transfer. His ball playing skills made him a key player in the Big Cannon midfield last season.


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position: Forward. Height: 5′ 11″. Weight: 165 lbs. Age: 24. Number: 7.

Rashad Griffith returns to FC Santa Rosa’s Super League squad for a first full season after transferring from now-defunct Joe Public FC in mid-season 2014/2015. Griff, as he is familiarly known, was the Big Cannons leading scorer last season, with nine goals in all competitions.

He played his schools’ football at Queens Royal College and also represented Joe Public FC youth teams. He earned a professional contract with that club and played …two seasons in the TT Pro League. He won the 2013 Super League title with Joe Public FC. Griff is a fast, tricky forward with the all-important nose for goal. He is expected to lead the line for the Big Cannons and has set a target of fifteeen goals for the season.


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position: Centre back or wing back. Height: 5’11”. Weight: 145 lbs. Age: 28. Number: 5.

Alfie James joined the Big Cannons last season from San Juan Jabloteh FC and immediately claimed a place in the team’s starting list. He is an experienced defender, having played with St. Ann’s Rangers FC and Joe Public FC prior to signing with Santa Rosa. Alfie forms a no-nonsense partnership with captain Jovan Rochford at the centre of the Big Cannons defence and is Mr. Reliable in all situations.


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position: Midfielder. Age: 25. Height: 5’10’. Weight: 150 lbs. Number: 8.

Shaka Pilgrim is a product of Santa Rosa’s football school. He joined the club at the age of seven and played for many of the club’s youth teams. In 2006, he received a scholarship to attend Brewster Academy (Connecticut, USA) where he captained the team for his final two seasons. In 2009, he moved to St. Lawrence University (New York, USA), winning the Liberty League in 2010 and 2011. Shaka rejoined Santa Rosa in the midfield during the seco…nd round of the Super League in 2014 and had an immediate impact on the team’s performance, helping the Big Cannons to ninth plae in the sixteen-team league. He prides himself in his technical ability and his strong work ethic. He hopes to have a strong impact on both ends of the field for the Big Cannons this season.


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position:… Right back. Age: 24. Height: 6′ 0″. Weight: 156 lbs. Number: 2.

Stephan Salazar joins the Big Cannons this season after impressing in an open trial. Having played only in the minor leagues, he is an unknown at the Super League level but is ambitious and determined to succeed. Fast, strong and possessing good technique, Stephan has been slotted into a wing back position and is confident he will do a good job. He already has bonded with the team and the staff expect a good first season from him.


1.FC Santa Rosa's photo.

Position: Midfielder. Height: 6′ 1″. Weight: 170 lbs. Age: 23. Number: 11.

Nathan Julien joins the Big Cannons this season and is expected to add major value. He played his youth football at Joe Public FC and also with St. Augustine Secondary School. Nathan brings top level experience to the team. He played with Joe Public FC in the Super League in 2011, Caledonia AIA of the TT Pro League in 2012 and 2013, and St. Ann’s Rangers FC, also of the TT Pro League, in 2014. Nathan is a skilfull left-footed midfielder who c…an also score.



AJ, as he is known to all, will turn 20 on 16 June. He joined the Rosa Nation at the age of eight and has represented only Santa Rosa, other than Arima North in schools’ football. He is the son of Big Cannon managers Anthony and Kathleen Kallicharan.

AJ stepped up from Under-17 football in 2013 and became the Big Cannons’ starting goalkeeper last season when the team’s Number One became unavailable. He grabbed the opportunity w…ith both hands and had a solid season. His outstanding performance at the Super League level, at tender age of nineteen, has reinforced the confidence of the club in AJ’s ability and potential.

Position: Goalkeeper. Age: 19. Height: 6’3″. Weight: 195 lbs. Number: 1.



Kerron Reid returns to the Big Cannons for his first full season after transferring from now defunct Joe Public FC in mid-season 2014/2015. He has also played in the TT Pro League with St. Ann’s Rangers FC.

Reid is a versatile defender and can play in both wing back positions. Fast, determined, and strong in the tackle, he is a tough opponent, and his always positive attitude makes him a tremendous asset to the team.

– Age: 30. Position: Wing back. Height: 6′ 1″. Weight: 184 lbs. Number: 3.



Jeremy McMeo returns to the Big Cannons for his fifth Super League season, three of these with FC Santa Rosa. “Fifty”, as he is known due to his resemblance to hip hop artist Curtis “Fifty Cents” Jackson, first came to Santa Rosa in 2012 from St. Francois Nationals FC. Prior to that he traveled through the youth ranks of Joe Public FC and played with that club’s Pro League side between 2006 and 2008.

Fifty returned to Joe Public in 2013 and m…oved back to Santa Rosa last season. He is a team man and a sturdy defender. He has also played as a holding midfielder during his time with the Big Cannons.

– Age: 25. Position: entre back. Heigh: 6’0″. Weight: 200 lbs. Number: 4.