Annual Report – 2015

cathy ann

Club Secretary Cathy Ann Look Loy

 Mr. Chairman, specially invited guests, parents, coaches, well-wishers and players of FC SANTA ROSA – welcome to our 22nd Annual Christmas Awards Ceremony. It is my pleasure to share with you an account of our activities in 2015.


FC Santa Rosa was established on September 19, 1992 as Santa Rosa Soccer School. The school was given the original name of Arima –Santa Rosa- which was the Catholic mission founded in 1745 in honour of Santa Rosa de Lima of Peru. The school’s original colours were gold and black but these were replaced by the traditional gold, royal blue and white of Arima. In 1999 Santa Rosa Soccer School transformed itself into FC Santa Rosa, a football club with a youth academy.

Our venue has been from its inception and continues to be the Arima North Secondary School. We take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Education and the school’s administration for continuing to allow us the use of this facility and in so doing to contribute to the lives of so many young people who have benefitted from membership in FC Santa Rosa. We especially welcome those parents who have joined the FC Santa Rosa fold in 2015 and who are here with us at this function for the first time. We look forward to you being with us in 2016.


As most of you are aware, we structure our football school into three terms, according to the calendar year. Activities center each session on taught skills on the fundamentals of the game. All our players, especially those who have been with us for the entire year, have shown remarkable progress. We especially congratulate those who will be receiving special awards this morning and those represented their schools this year at primary, secondary or tertiary levels.


ON March 28 FC Santa Rosa’s Under-13s won second place and two individual awards at the 1st Annual Haemophilia Awareness Youth Football Cup in Marabella. FC Santa Rosa fielded two teams in the tournament staged by SW Touring, in memory of Junion Gonash, a 25-year old who died from the illness. Santa Rosa A won Group A of the eight team tournament, winning 3:0 against Laventille Youth FC, and 2:1 against Joe Public A, while losing 0:1 on penalty kicks against Anthony Sherwoood Football Academy after finishing 0:0 in regulation time. Santa Rosa B finished third in Group B, losing to Marabella FC 1:5, and Princes Town FC 2:3 on penalty kicks after a 1;1 deadlock at regulation time, but won 1:0 against Joe Public B. Santa Rosa A won 1:0 against Princes Town  in their semi-final but lost 1:3 to Marabella in the final match.

Goal scorers for the Santa Rosa teams were Nathaniel James (4), Keyel James and Jordan Edwards (2) and Jashawn Thomas (1). Ten-year old Nathaniel James of the A team was voted the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, while Rene de Bique, also of the A team, was selected as the tournament’s Most Outstanding Goalkeeper.


In Term 1 our coaching staff was joined by Coach Femi Granderson, formerly of Femi’s Coaching school. He was only able to spend Terms 1 and 2 however as his personal commitments did not permit him to remain in Term 3. During the short time that he spent with us, we had a very mutually beneficial relationship and we thank him for his contribution to the club.


On April 4, our Under 16 team participated in the 2nd Annual Fyzabad United FC Easter tournament in Fyzabad. The team played undefeated and conceded no goals but unfortunately finished fourth.

Nine teams participated in the tournament, with Santa Rosa being grouped with Palo Seco Sports Academy and Morvant-Laventille United FC. The Little Cannons lost 0:1 on penalty kicks to Palo Seco after drawing 0:0 in regulation time but defeated Morvant-Laventille 1:0 with a goal by Dexter Medina, to move into the semi-final round. The one kick, sudden death, rule to decide the winner after a draw worked against Santa Rosa again in Semi-final One as they lost 0:1 to Cap Off Youths FC after drawing 0:0. Santa Rosa’s run of bad luck continued into the third place match, which they lost on a coin toss to Dunstan Williams Football Academy when the teams could not be separated by penalty kicks after all players had kicked. So fourth place it was.

Led by Jabari Hosten at centre back and goalkeeper Aaron Phillips, who made several outstanding saves, a determined defensive effort by the Under-15s ensured that their goal remained unbreached by older teams throughout the day.


In Term 2 we added Keron Ammon to the staff of the club’s football school. Keron is the holder of the TTFA’s C and D licences. He has fitted in very well and we certainly look forward to a long and harmonious relationship with him.


As parents are aware, during the July/August vacation period the football school is closed but our teams are involved in competition. This year we once again participated in the Republic Cup National Youth League at Under 13 and 15 levels.  The League once again reneged on their promise to include an Under 17 age group and our Under 17 team was left without an opportunity to compete. In Round One, The Under 13 team played two games, winning two(one by default) and losing one. The Under 15 team played four games winning two and losing two. Both the Under 13 and Under 15 teams placed second in the first round to Jabloteh. They fought hard and played well but were unable to move past Round 1 since only the top team on the table progressed. Goal scorers for the Under 13’s were Keyel James and Jashawn Thomas (1); the

Under 15 goal scorers were John Paul Rochford(5),Angelo Williams(2) Dexter Medina, Jedidiah Martineaux and Malik Johnson (1).

We take this opportunity to thank all the parents of these teams for the time and effort that they demonstrated in making the players available for their training sessions and in attending the games and supporting the players. We thank also our coaches Moses Pierre, Keron Ammon and manager Andy Collymore for their time and efforts in training these players. Special thanks must be given to parents Mark James and Terrence Sealey who trained and coached the Under 13 team for three weeks in Keith’s absence. Last but certainly not least we thank the players for their efforts.


On November 21 the Under16 group journeyed to play a practice match vs Dunstan Ross Academy at the Mannie Ramjohn training ground. Although they did not win their game, the experience was a good one and will be continued next year when we hope to host them for a return visit.


In Term 3 we added Terron Robe to the staff of the club’s football school. Terron is a parent of two boys in the club. He has fitted in very well and we certainly look forward to developing him as a full-fledged member of our coaching staff.


Once again our sponsorship drive continued as we sought to raise funds to offset all the expenses associated with our Senior Team’s participation in the 2015 National Super League. We have still had no success in attracting a full sponsor. Nevertheless we have continued to receive invaluable assistance from Toyota Trinidad Ltd, Carib Brewery, Blue Waters, and we thank them most sincerely for their consistent support over the last six years. We thank also family members and friends for their donations to our senior team.


Our senior team is still in competition at present as their season continues into 2016. Our President will analyse the teams’ performance in more detail in his address. I take this opportunity, however, to thank all parents and supporters who purchased season tickets for our home games and who brought along their sons to do ball boy duties. The season continues into February so we look forward to your continued support. I also wish to thank the hard working staff of the Senior Team- coaches Keith Look Loy, Kenny Thomas (deceased), Timothy Rochford, Jason Hope, Gerard Lee, managers Anthony and Kathleen Kallicharan, Charissa Delzin and our medics Aisha Carr and Shastine Maharaj.


John-Paul Rochford has continued to hold his place as a member of the National Under15 team and to further distinguish himself by being selected from a Digicel training camp held in Trinidad to go to Barbados to participate in a Caribbean training camp. Better than this, however, he has been selected out of that Caribbean camp to join a training camp held by Manchester United in February 2016. We congratulate him on his achievements thus far and look forward to his continued success.

 We also must mention here all the players who have represented their schools at Primary and Secondary Level in the 2015 season. We are indeed proud of all of you. 


These tournaments continue to be an important part of our end of term activity as our young players look forward very eagerly to compete against one another and to win medals. We hold our third and final one for 2015 next Saturday 12th.December. We look forward to seeing you there as it is always a good opportunity to see the progress that your sons have made. We specially look forward to to the presence of the fathers participating in the usual fathers’ game.


On Friday 4th. December, three of our coaches, Jason Laban, Chantal Forde and Charissa Delzin participated in a symposium by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, entitled The Science And Practice of Football. Presentations were made on Psychological and Nutritional Needs for Footballers, Personalized Sports Nutrition and

Injury Prevention, Current Tools for Evaluating Skill Levels in Footballers and Injury Prevention for Footballers. This participation is in-keeping with our Club’s Policy that all our coaches must have some level of coaching certification. We look forward to opportunities from our recently elected TTFA officials to continue to upgrade our coaching staff. We also take this opportunity to officially congratulate the newly elected President of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, David John-Williams along with his three Vice Presidents.


Christmas Hamper

Parents who have been with us for more than one year will know that every year, at Christmas, as part of ourCommunity Outreach Programme, we present a Christmas hamper on behalf of the players of our club to a deserving family or institution. Last year we donated to the Joshua Home for Boys in Santa Rosa Arima. This year we continue this relationship with the Joshua Home and will include in our hamper football boots which have been donated by parents over the past year. Our collection starts today and will continue next Saturday. Items may be left with the parents who are in charge of refreshments today. I thank you for your generosity in this regard.


Our website has continued, thanks to our President, to provide very comprehensive and up to date information about our activities. Friends on our face book page have now climbed to thirteen hundred. Our Rosa Nation group on Facebook is specifically focused on support for our men’s team or as they are known the Big Canons. These means of electronic communication are powerful tools which keep us in touch with Former Santa Rosa players in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. We encourage you all once again, to become part of our electronic family as you keep up to date with the club’s progress. We also remind those of you who are interested, to share with us news of your children’s achievements which we will be more than willing to post on our website news page.


While today is a very happy occasion for us, FC Santa Rosa is also in mourning as exactly two weeks ago on Saturday morning we received the very sad news that one of our longest serving coaches, Kenny Thomas, suddenly passed away. A special segment in our day’s programme will be devoted to our beloved Coach Kenny. We offer our sincerest condolences to his family and relatives. We also offer our condolences to the Glasgow, James, Ross and Jordan families who lost their loved ones during this past year.


 In closing, I would like to thank all those who have supported us on and off the field, during 2015. We specially thank the Ministry of Education for allowing us the continued use of the Arima North Secondary School. Long may this continue. We thank all of those who helped us financially or who provided us with donations in cash or kind. These will be mentioned by name in our Vote of Thanks at the end of the programme.

 To the hard-working members of our coaching and management staff, who have all continued to discharge their duties with enthusiasm and professionalism, we express our gratitude.

 To parents, grandparents and guardians who have continued to support us by entrusting their children to our care; to parents who attend our Saturday morning sessions and who come out to our games; to those parents who helped us to prepare for this function and who are assisting, even as we speak, to organise this morning’s refreshments- we say thank you all most sincerely.

 Finally, to all our players, old and young who continue to fly the FC Santa Rosa flag high – the Baby Canons, the Young Canons and the Big Canons, we say that there can be no FC Santa Rosa without you and we thank you most sincerely.

 On behalf, of the President, Coaches, and all the members of the FC Santa Rosa family, I thank you all and take this opportunity to extend heartiest compliments of the season to you and very best wishes for a healthy and fulfilling 2016.

 Cathy Ann Look Loy (Secretary)